Redefining Introverts

Quiet. That is the first word that usually comes to mind when people think about introverts. But it is misleading and often false.

Some of the loudest and most social people I know are also introverts. They are not quiet, though sometimes they may need time to feel comfortable before they fully dive into a group setting.

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, it is not about being social or quiet. It is all about energy and how you recharge once it is depleted.

Introverts recharge alone. Extroverts recharge with other people. Ambiverts have characteristics and the needs of both introverts and extroverts.

So after a networking event, introverts may feel zapped and want to head home. Extroverts may want to head out for coffee to talk about the event.

As you develop your own self-awareness and your leadership style, it’s important to know which definition fits YOU. You’ll be able to better manage your expectations and implement techniques to help you communicate your needs.

Calling the Manager

I was in a restaurant when my mentor asked to speak to the manager. I was confused. Our server had gone out of her way to give us an incredible experience.

Managers are used to receiving complaints. But when the manager came out, Derek gushed about how wonderful she was. That was the moment I learned how to transform the way I give employees recognition.

I call managers and send emails, not to complain, but to tell them how fabulous their team members are. And I make sure that the employees know that I am bragging about them.

It is customary to complain to managers, but what if we all elevate the way we give recognition?

If you appreciate someone, tell them - and then tell their manager. So thank you, Derek, for teaching me a new way to celebrate employees.