Bad Managers

There are a lot of bad managers out there. Most of them don't understand the impact they are having on their employees.

Here are three things that managers can STOP doing TODAY to improve the work culture for their employees:

#1 Shoot down all of their ideas.

There are only so many times that an employee can hear, “That’s not going to work” or “We can’t do that” before it begins to affect them. When employees lose motivation, they adopt a “why should I even bother” attitude. When their creativity or development is cut off or cramped, low motivation tends to lead to low performance.

#2 Demand that things be done YOUR way.

2 + 2= 4 BUT so does 3 + 1. Great managers take suggestions and ideas from everyone on their team. They implement the best ideas, give credit to their employees.

#3 Say nothing or say everything.

Employees who don’t receive guidance from their manager feel lost, ignored, minimized, and unimportant. But managers who give feedback on everything can be just as harmful. Every single statement or action doesn’t need a comment or discussion. Otherwise, you leave an employee feeling like they work underneath a microscope. No one wants to be scrutinized all day, every day.

What advice do YOU have for new managers?