F.A.Q.’s about coaching

What happens during our discovery call?

We start with a discovery session to explore what you would like to get out of coaching and work together to decide on the number of coaching sessions that are best for you. 

Our discovery call gives you a chance to ask questions, understand the process, and learn more about my style of coaching through a mini-coaching session. It also lets us talk about your goals and see if we are a match for working together.

What types of coaching do you provide?

I provide:

  • Life Coaching

  • Career Coaching

  • Executive Coaching

I work with you to decide which type of coaching is best suited for you.

How does coaching work?

I listen, encourage, and challenge you to uncover what you want and help you get there. We work together to clear away obstacles and roadblocks so that you feel empowered to take action and create a future that matches what you want out of life or love.

I am here to listen, ask questions, challenge you, and inspire you to see other perspectives.

Throughout our sessions, we explore activities that will help you get the most out of our time.

How can coaching help you?

Coaching empowers you to:

  • Connect the dots and dissolve patterns/blind spots

  • Navigate change and transition

  • Expand your vision of what is possible

  • Enhance your interpersonal relationships

  • Create boundaries – whether it is living for others or being unable to say no, I help you reclaim your energy and focus

  • Explore what fills you up

  • Understand your strengths and super powers

  • Find a new job

Kristen took me further in five minutes than a coach I had for 3 months.
— Melissa S.
Kristen put the puzzle pieces together for me, the non-obvious pieces of my past that color my present. She helped me figure out the connection and how they affect me, my choices, and my repeated mistakes. She helped me figure out the why behind it all and gave me the path, tools, and action steps to do something different.
— Lisa R.
Kristen’s coaching gave me the foundation that helped prepare me for each career advancement. Her veteran experience made all the difference as I have moved up the corporate ladder. Our weekly meetings were a safe space that gave me a sounding board to express challenges as well as strategies and exercises to overcome them.

-N. Williams
Kristen makes sense out of layers of nonsense. You give her a whole bag full of relationships, life, and stories and she is able to connect it and pull it all together. She is so connected to people and to the world. She has a sincere nature but is also willing and able to be honest. She makes everything make sense and then provides you with the resources to help you reach your goals.
- Tiffany B.
Kristen has a gift and passion for unlocking natural talent and confidence within you while challenging you as a leader and thinker. She has coached me through multiple professional transitions, including into management as a millennial. During our time, we have covered such items as emotional intelligence, personality and behavioral styles, leadership skills, managing up, conflict resolution, and finding my “why”. As leaders, sometimes we forget to seek the assistance we need to continue to raise the bar, and that is what Kristen is best at!
- Brittney Q.