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are you ready to tap into your super powers?

Go from comfortable To Courageous.


RISE is a 10-week online Program for women who are ready to Boost Their confidence, feel comfortable in your own skin, and tap into their super powers.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Do you put your cape on for others but not yourself?

  • Have you been hiding your dreams behind fear or perfection?

  • Are you ready to support other women on their journey to becoming more courageous?

    Then let’s talk about RISE...

RISE is a 10-week Program for women that is designed to help you unleash your Strengths and be more COURAGEOUS in your life.

Rise will help you...


Go from comfortable to courageous


  Tap Into Your Super Powers

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Stop Hiding Your Best Self



  What will the sessions cover?

Week 1: Mindset. We’ll talk about the concepts and thoughts that are moving your forward and how to let go of the beliefs that are keeping you from growing or being courageous.

Week 2: Activate Your Strengths. What are your strengths? We will talk about how to identify what you do best so that you can lead a more fulfilling life or career. You’ll learn how to create a life that surrounds your zone of genius and the stuff that fills you up.

Week 3: Know Your Kryptonite. You’ll learn how to uncover what drains you at work and in your personal life. We’ll talk about how to avoid or minimize the activities and people that are draining your energy, stealing your shine, or preventing you from truly embracing your super powers.

Week 4: Claim Your Uniqueness. You’ll discover the things that make up who you are. We’ll talk about how to let go of the shame or anger around pieces of your past or identity and learn tips on how to stop compromising what makes you unique.

Week 5: Leverage Your Network. You’ll learn how to network in a way that lets you move beyond the small talk and takes the anxiety out of it.  Discover how to make new connections and use them to move forward and enhance your life.

Week 6: Asking for What You Want. Whether it is to move up in your career, ask for a raise, or elevate your business, you will learn how to ask for what you deserve and go after what you want.

Week 7: Protect Your Powers. We talk about how to stop staying yes to everything and everyone. Learn how to create boundaries and stop giving your energy to people or jobs that don't deserve them. You'll also learn about tools and techniques to conserve, energize, and recharge your powers.

Week 8: Negotiate Your Price. We talk about what it means to give away your skills, gifts or time. You’ll learn how to negotiate without letting what you want slip through your fingers.

Week 9: Boosting Your Glow. We talk about tips and resources for increasing your confidence and embracing your strengths to help you let go of what is not working for you.

Week 10: Unleash Your Super Powers. With everything you have learned, we get real with what you want to change, grow, or let go of.

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I'm Kristen Crockett. My specialty? Helping professional women tap into their superpowers and show the world their best self.

I know what it is like to have talent hiding inside of you. I’m here to pull all of that greatness out of you so you can stop hiding behind “finding the right time” or “not wanting to put yourself out there.”

I help women celebrate their best self, with a community of women who are ready to uplift, celebrate and inspire.

If you are ready to RISE, I am ready to help you.


  • If you are ready to unleash your super powers.

  • If you are ready to go from comfortable to courageous.

  • If you are ready to make time for YOUR dreams.

  • And if you are looking for a space to surround yourself with other women who are ready to tap into their extraordinary gifts, and shine right alongside you...

Then rISE is Here to give you the tools & the community you need to thrive.


What is Rise?

Rise is a 10-week online course for women who are ready to tap into their superpowers and stop hiding their best self. This program is designed to teach you the nine areas you need to unleash your powers and create the life you want - all from the comfort of your home.

RISE gives you the coaching, community and inspiration you need to move beyond your fears, beyond perfection, and empower you to own the powers that are already inside of you. The best part is that you are with a community of incredible women who are ready to support you in your journey. 

Who is RISE for?

RISE is for professional women who are ready to turn the volume up on their dreams, happiness, and career. If you are ready to understand what has been holding you back and ready to grow forward, RISE is for you. If you ready to understand your strengths and how they make you unique, then RISE is for you.

The women in RISE are ready to elevate their gifts and help other women do the same. If this sounds like you, RISE was made for you.

Who is RISE NOT for?

RISE is not for women who want to tear down other women. If you are not about being supportive, RISE is not for you. If you are not about taking responsibility for your actions or not ready to understand or learn more about who you are, then RISE is not for you.

When do we start?

A new cohort begins in 2019. Click here to get on the list to be notified when enrollment opens. You will get access to our member site and the RISE Facebook Group, which includes instant access to a community of inspiring women.

Our live sessions begin in 2019. They are held once a month at 8:00 pm EST. Sessions are conducted live online and include live chatting with other women in the group, interactive group coaching sessions to discuss the lesson and activities, and live q&a. If you happen to miss a session, don't worry - they will all be recorded and available for you to watch in the membership site.